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Managing Quick Period Pain: Relief, Symptoms, and Sipgel

Period is a prominent part of life and is the least talked about topic. There is so little knowledge that is equal to nothing, that we all know. Education has helped a lot, no doubt, yet, there is still a lot that is not known. One of the things that are least known and discussed is period pain. And it is also not just period pain that makes periods so difficult, there are so many other side effects and problems that happen because of Periods. Problems like cramps, intense pain in the abdominal region, back pain, headache, and more are just one of the most common period problems.


Types of Pain during Period.


Period pain varies from person to person, and it never depends on one factor. Period pain can affect a person’s life to such a point that it can force them not to leave bed, and skip one whole day because of the unbearable pain they feel. While there are many people who don’t feel this much cramps rather they go through more emotional problems like mood swings, food cravings, and depression.
Yes, there is more than one type of period pain! The physical pain during periods is cramps, headaches, body pain, bloating, lower back pain, and more. Emotional or mental pain during periods includes mood swings, irritation, food cravings, tiredness, anxiety, and more.


Back Pain during Periods.


Back pain during periods is one of the most common problems of periods. The back pain is mostly a day before the start of the period and might continue until the first day of the period. The pain starts with a little sting in the lower back and continues to increase with time, and in some severe cases, this pain can be unbearable. The only relief for this period back pain is a hot water bottle. The warmth that the hot water bottle provides comfort to the back pain, now some hot patches claim to provide the same comfort. These hot patches are developed for the purpose to provide comfort in a more convenient way but sometimes these patches can cause discomfort and rashes on the skin.


Period stomach pain.


Period stomach pain or period cramps can be very severe for some people. Cramps are one of the main problems of periods that cause hindrance in people’s life. Stomach pain during the period starts from the abdominal region and then spread down to the lower region. Period cramps can stay for more than 1 or 2 days during the period. In intense period’s stomach pain, people take painkillers as they can become unbearable even to move during periods. Drinking hot water or tea helps in providing relief from the period stomach pain. Taking warm baths also helps in relaxing the contrasting abdominal muscles thus providing relief from cramps.


Breast Pain During Periods.


Breast pain during periods is very common and is caused mostly due to hormones. The pin or tenderness will start around the start of ovulation and continues up until the start of the periods. Breast soreness can rise in some cases to severe pain.


Loss of vitamins and minerals.

During periods the body does not get weak and tired just by losing blood, it also happens because of the loss of vitamins and minerals. Yes due to period body loses some very essential vitamins and minerals, which are very essential. Some of these vitamins and minerals include iron, magnesium, zinc, vitamin B, and more.
Losing such essential minerals and vitamins really can take a toll on the body, so it is very important to take proper measures to replenish these lost vitamins and minerals. Many multivitamins are additionally added to the diet to replenish the lost vitamin and minerals, but these multivitamins have many added synthetic preservatives which can cause harm to your body in the long run.
Iron deficiency is a serious issue that can arise due to heavy blood loss during the period. Decreased levels of iron lead to fatigue and tiredness which makes period pain worse. Eventually, it can lead to Anaemia, a disease that happens due to the deficiency of iron in the blood.

Sipgel is a natural period pain reliever that also helps in replenishing the lost vitamins and minerals in our body.


Mood swings.


Mood swing is one of the most prominent problems of emotional drawbacks of periods. It happens due to hormonal changes in the body during periods. Mood swings are one of the many problems of PMS. PMS is premenstrual syndrome, which includes many problems like depression, irritation, tiredness, food cravings, tender breasts, fatigue, and more. These problems start showing approximately one week before the period starts and stops around the first day of the period. PMS can cause wild and severe mood swings


Food cravings.


The changing levels of estrogen and progesterone cause cravings for food that are high in carbohydrates and sugar. Having these sugar and carbohydrate-rich food also help in lifting the depressed and tired mood due to periods. But these food cravings can cause other health problems for your body later, as people tend to crave mostly oily, fried, and unhealthy food items during periods. And we all know these food items are the main cause of pimple outbreaks and bloating.




The new age has brought lots of understanding and knowledge about periods, and people have come a long way in recognizing period pain. It is very important to care for the body during periods, and not to unseen the needs of the body. Resting during periods is very essential, so is eating healthy and sleeping properly. In addition to eating healthy, it is also required to keep in check that the body is getting all the vitamins and minerals. You can keep an electrical hot water bag, and drink herbal tea for warmth and replenishment of vitamins and minerals. There are many heat patches also available that claim to be convenient to use but they have some underlying side effects like rashes and discomfort, similarly, period painkillers can also cause side effects in the long run and we all know it is not possible to carry all the things at the same time hot bag for warmth, painkillers for instant relief, multi-vitamin & tea for lost vitamin replenishment and patches. So what can be a good solution? A product that has all the qualities, is it possible?
Yes! instant pain relief, provides internal warmth, and replenishes the lost vitamins and minerals –all in one single pouch; Sipgel. A product that provides comfort at all levels, period pain, cramps, headache, back pain, mood swings, and food cravings. It provides instant relief to the period pain and starts providing internal warmth. Not only that, but Sipgel also helps in replenishing the essential lost vitamins and minerals like iron, zinc, and more. It has no added toxins or harmful preservatives that can cause side effects in the long run. All these natural herbs and components also help in controlling food cravings and mood swings. The best part is that it is easy to carry and easy to use.
We understand periods and your pain that comes with them, hence we worked to somehow help you; because your everyday matter.
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