leakage during periods

How to prevent and deal with leakage during periods

While women face a number of problems during their periods,period leakage is the least discussed and most inconvenient issue. Period leaks are very likely to occur, and they affect everyone; unfortunately, they cannot be completely avoided. But we can tackle period leaks with a few tricks. The first thing that you should know is that periods or period leaks are not something to be ashamed of. Although it is completely normal, never think otherwise. Women having periods and leaving blood stains is not news! As the term itself suggests, period leakage is when blood leaks through your protection. There can be many reasons behind period leakage, including a sudden rush of blood, sleeping position, pad leakage, or a faulty tampon. While period cramps, bloating, mood swings, and fatigue do not make our periods any easier, period leakages are what I feel make periods messier.

So here are some easy and comfortable period leakage hacks that can prevent them from happening…

1. Sleeping positions


Most of the time, period leaks happen while sleeping. The best position to sleep during your periods is to sleep on your side. Sleeping on your side with your legs squeezed together is more effective than sleeping on your back or stomach. You should definitely avoid sleeping on your front during periods, no matter how comfortable it is. Also, before going to sleep, you always switch to a fresh pad or tampon. As a result, you can be confident and assured that whatever period protections you are using are at their full absorption capacity.

2. Placement of your pad


You should use long pads with wings, and always make sure to stick the wings of your pad around the sides of your underwear. This will make sure that your pad remains in place. Also, check regularly if the pad is overflowing or has been moved from place to avoid leakage when you are doing any physical activity. Also, use pads that are thick, long, and can absorb fast.

3. Try an overnight pad or tampon for heavy flow


Heavy blood flow is very common in the first two days of the period. While in the day, you can frequently change pads and tampons when the flow is heavy. During sleep, you obviously can’t do that. So, for nights, use overnight pads because they are extra thick and long and absorb more blood than regular pads. And if you use tampons, use one that is for heavy flow. Even if you don't have heavy flows, my advice will be to use overnight pads while you sleep to prevent any leaks or stains.

4. Wear thick underwear and dark clothing


You can also wear two underwears or one really thick underwear to feel more secure. Wearing two underwear will also keep your pad in place and tight. This will prevent blood stains from seeping through the layers of cloth. To prevent staining and leakage from being visible, you can wear dark clothes, specifically, colors like red, maroon, and black. There is also something called period underwear that is designed to absorb blood. It functions similarly to a built-in pad. If you want, you can also try that.

5. Go to the bathroom more often


During periods, you have to make more trips to the bathroom. It is important to keep checking to see if it is time to change pads or not. Because if the pad overflows, it can cause leakage.

6. Switch to a menstrual cup or pad


According to research and studies, menstrual cups and tampons are better alternatives for pads. Pads have a time limit of 6-7 hours, while menstrual cups can be used for up to 12 hours. As a result, it is better for long nights.

7. Wear the right size of pants


During periods, it is absolutely important to wear pants that fit you correctly. Wearing loose pants allows your underwear and period pad to move. Tight and fitted pajamas will also add an extra layer of protection from leakage. Prefer cotton and soft material bottoms during periods for long nights of comfortable sleep. To know more about period hacks, read our upcoming and previous stories!

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