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Are menstrual cramps related to the age of the person?

Period cramps or menstrual cramps are a universal issue, women across the world have gone through it at least once or are going through it every month. But sadly there is less-to-know knowledge available about periods. 

Periods are a biological phenomenon that every female body goes through. In a female body, every month eggs are released in the uterus. And when the egg is not fertilized in the uterus, the uterus lining breaks down. And this uterus wall lining comes through the vagina. This whole process from the release of the egg to the blood coming out via vaginal passage is called menstruation. Periods start between 11 and 13 years old and continue until you turn 45.


What is Period Pain?

Period pain varies from person to person, it depends on the health and other physiological conditions of the body. Other than physical conditions, period pain is also affected by the diet of a person, disease, or medicine. Some people feel very minimal period pain, at the beginning of periods, for one day probably. But in some cases, the pain is so intense that painkillers are needed. Most people keep hot water bottles handy because there is no way to determine the intensity of the period pain. 

The period pain usually starts one or two days before the start of the period and continues up until the second day of the period. The cramps start as a painful sensation in the abdomen region and then travel down to the lower region, the pain can also lead to back pain.


The intensity of period pain through all ages.

Unfortunately, period pain cannot be cured completely, and there is no guarantee of when or how intensely you will experience period pain. However, studies show that in the initial months of menstruation, period cramps are intense and affect the most. As you age and start getting periods regularly the intensity of the cramps somewhat decreases. But as you close the menopause or in your 40s, period pain can increase. 


Intense period pain can also be a symptom of PCOS and PCOD. Some people who have irregular periods can also feel intense pain. With extreme period pain, there are also other symptoms that make periods more difficult.

Period pain is just not period cramps but also includes headaches, mood swings, backaches, body pain, and much more. With age, these symptoms can increase.

As you age your body is always not able to take the intense pain, and the period comes with pain and a set of hormonal changes. So unfortunately there is a chance that your period pain can get intense with age.


Sipgel a period pain solution for all ages!

We understand the intensity of period pain, and that is why we came up with a solution. Through ages, it is believed that period pain does not have a natural solution. The only two feasible solutions for period pain are painkillers and hot water bottles. In today's world, there are options like heating pads and synthetic medicine, but they can cause harmful side effects. 

Sipgel is an quick period pain relief solution that is only made from natural ingredients. It is made with ashwagandha, Ashoka bark, fenugreek, curcumin, ginger, and many more such herbal products. During periods your body also needs essential minerals and vitamins, Sipgel is also induced with such vitamins and minerals. It has iron, zinc, vitamin B, etc. to fulfill the need for lost vitamins and minerals. 


After years of research and hundreds of tasting, we can assure you, Sipgel is very effective on period pain. And as it is natural it does not cause any side effects. The most unique point is, that it works quickly, you don't need to wait for hours for it to start working. As soon as you take a sip from the pouch, it immediately starts working on the period pain. Not only that, but it also provides internal warmth so no more heating pads or hot water bottles are required. 


It is completely natural, 100% vegan, toxin-free, harmful preservatives-free, and diabetic people can also have it, which makes it effective on everyone, from teenagers to middle-aged women. 


The packaging is also very slick, so it can easily fit in school bags, or handbags, with no hassle to carry it around. Just the moment you feel period pain kicking, just take the Sipgel out of your bag. Shake the pouch, twist the cap, and sip it. Quickly you will feel relieved.

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