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What is Sipgel:- An All-Natural Period Pain Relief Solution. When to Consume Sipgel:- The Moment you get Period Pain, Simply, Shake-Open-Sip. How Much to Consume Sipgel:- We recommend consuming Half of the Pouch, the Moment you get Period Pain. But, if there is still some Cramp/Pain consume the remaining Pouch.

Normally, it will take you between 15 – 20 Minutes to get Relief. If, you have high degree of severity with your cramps, it might take a bit more time but eventually it will be GONE!

There should not be any need for you to drink water as it is a Sip-Anywhere Carry-Anywhere solution, although, we recommend drinking water for a Refreshing Feeling.

No, According to RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance released by ICMR), you can only consume one pouch a day.

No, as mentioned before all the ingredient are Naturally sourced, there can Never be any Side- Effects what so ever. Just make sure not to consume any Dairy Product Before/After Consuming Sipgel for 45-50 Minutes as it contains Vitamin C which might induce a Laxative Effect.


Yes! Since, sipgel is made of Natural Ingredients, it is completely safe for Teenagers experiencing Period Pain.

Yes, sipgel has No Sugar in the product, so it is completely Safe for any Diabetic Person.

Yes, since sipgel has a lot of Herbs in it, it helps to balance out the fluctuating hormones level which could further help in addressing the PCOS/PCOD.

Yes, it will help you with the pain. But, if you are undergoing any uterine related medication, it is advisable to consult with the doctor before.

It completely depends on your physiology, whether the flow will increase or not. However, if you experience an increase in the flow upto some point it means accumulated toxins in the Uterus are getting flushed out, which is Good.

No, there will be no problems in conceiving after consuming sipgel as it contains only Natural Ingredients.